Medical Billing and Coding from Home, Is This Real?

The health care industry is generating a lot of excitement among job seekers. This seems to be one of the few areas of the economy that is growing. More importantly, it is managed by professionals with a range of education, training and experience. You do not have to be a doctor or a nurse to work in this field. There are many entry level jobs that do not require extensive amounts of preparation. Additionally, these jobs are interesting, appeal to people who are versatile and pay well. Medical billing and coding is one field that has opened up for job seekers that are good with numbers and enjoy working alone.

What Is Medical Billing and Coding?

medical billing and coding from homeWhen a patient and a doctor interact in an office or at a hospital, the service provided will incur a charge. In fact, receiving any sort of service at a hospital from any medical professional will usually involve some sort of charge. The patient is not always responsible for this payment but this interaction always initiates paperwork. The medical biller and coder is the person who processes the paperwork.

Since most people make the majority of their medical payments through an insurance company, either private or government-sponsored, it is necessary to complete this paperwork correctly so that payment is expedited. While the job of billing and coding may look insignificant, it is actually the backbone of the hospital because without payment the hospital cannot function.

Coders and billers must be comfortable with numbers. They must also go through a relatively short training period during which they learn about the various codes that are assigned to each procedure and each sort of medical claim. Once billers go to work, they must be prepared to do more than fill out forms. Claims can be denied. This forces the biller to resubmit or investigate the denial. These workers are often employed by multiple doctors’ offices and hospitals at the same time.

Can I Do Medical Billing and Coding from Home?

Thanks to the Internet, this sort of work is even possible to do from home now. The hospital or medical center can transmit patient data to a biller over the Internet. This person can then process the data, contact insurance companies and arrange payments from the comfort of his or her own home. This sort of arrangement is desirable for many people today. Some have just joined the crowd of people who prefer to work from home via online connections. Others are prevented from leaving home due to childcare or other concerns. This is one of many jobs that is amenable to their present situation.

Are there Any Scams Associated with Medical Billing and Coding from Home?

Unfortunately, the popularity of this profession and the advantageous opportunity to work from home has attracted the usual group of scammers. While there are many legitimate offers to train people how to manage bills and codes for the medical profession, there are also programs that will give you a modicum of training and then leave you high and dry without any idea how to earn clients or even start working. It is important to review the background of any agency before trusting your future employment to it. Ask to see testimony from people who have acquired training and look for contact data Talk with local coders about where they were trained and how they got started.

The Process of Becoming a Medical Biller and Coder

Once you have decided to follow this line of work, you should take a few key steps in order to ensure your success. As an at-home worker you will be an independent contractor. That means you will be responsible for finding clients and earning their work. You will also be responsible for your own equipment and expenses. All of this requires commitment and planning in addition to training and certification.

  • Certification

In order to work legally as a medical biller and coder, you must have certification from a locally accredited institution. This is the toughest part of your journey to working in the medical profession. It generally takes anywhere from nine to 15 months to complete a billing and coding program. You will have to pay for this training and support yourself while you learn.

  • Planning

You should have a plan that includes more than just getting your certificate. Before you complete training, you should be thinking about what kind of services that you will offer, how you will attract clients and how you will organize your work. Since you will be working from home, you need to determine how your home life and your work life will interact.

  • Experience

Starting out after training with no clients is a good way to depress and overwhelm yourself at the same time. During or before training, you should have acquired a job related to medical work or even gotten a position as an intern. This will give you opportunities to make contacts that could become your initial clientele.

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